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 Duke Liddell FAITH story

Duke is the CEO of Real People Cloth. 
If you are in the St. Louis Metropolitan area swing by his shop : 
5312 BELLEVILLE, IL 62226. 
I grew up in the Villa Griffin Homes on 26th & Lincoln. Though my family and I had plenty of addresses throughout the East St. Louis, IL and the Washington Park, IL area, my most memorable times were growing up in what people know as the “Griffs” (a public housing project). Growing up in the “projects” had a huge impact on me. Experiences I had throughout childhood with all different types of people helped shape me into the person I am today. Those “89 Blocks” raised me.

 Growing up in East St. Louis, or what I like to call a “real environment” with “real people” inspired me to be a positive standard bearer for my city. The brand I later created not only became a representation of the greatness of the people of East St. Louis but an inspiration to others outside the community. The brand that I was destined to manifest in the world carried with it a vision of empowerment and positivity relatable to people across the globe. 

 This brand became a clothing line called RealPeople and it was established in 2017. All I had to start this business was a heat press and a silhouette cutter in my basement! Even though I worked the strenuous job of being a case aid for teenagers and young adults, I started making and selling t-shirts, to my co-workers. 

 I worked as a case aid for 6 years but I felt like the brand I created was an escape plan given to me straight from God. I felt like He told me to, “take a leap of FAITH, let go of any and everything, and I got you!”

 In August of 2018, I took God’s escape route for me. I took a risk, quit my job, and went full-time with RealPeople. I never felt like I couldn’t do what I perceived would become my life’s work. I just kept working the plan. I stayed on “YouTube University” every day and night learning, picking up new strategies for making my clothing, and learning to be okay with committing myself to this vision for the long haul. 

 Following the path of starting my business attracted so much support. It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw a RealPeople sweater, hoodie, or pair of joggers. This momentum gave me even more motive to push the brand and keep moving by FAITH. It’s 2022 and RealPeople has been worn by professional athletes, actresses, actors, and artists all over the world. The success I see now is because of my FAITH. This is just the beginning!

FAITH Story By: Duke Liddell
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Duke Liddell, Real People
Photo's By: Mena Darre
Duke Liddell, Real People, 89Blocks
Photo's By: Mena Darre


  • TJeezy

    I admire you young man. So PROUD to be where you are from. You make the statement “It’s not where you come from but WHERE YOU ARE GOING” so true. Keep up the hard work. You REPRESENT WELL. It may seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but I am a firm believer that The Lord will NOT put more on you than you can handle. The Shepherd paid a Hefty Price for His Sheep and You Understood the Assignment.

  • Glinda Kohl

    Hi admin, Your posts are always well-received and appreciated.

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