About Us

 Faith Walker is not a brand, it’s a lifestyle!


What’s up fam, I’m Brittanee Wells. I am from East Saint Louis, IL. I currently reside in St. Louis MO. What’s a Faith Walker? I’m glad you asked! A Faith Walker is someone who, despite what the circumstances look like, trusts God with every part of their life.  A Faith Walker does not rely on their physical sight to determine what can happen, a Faith Walker relies on their belief that with God, ALL THINGS are possible.

 Being a Faith Walker is a choice. It is a relentless commitment to trusting God regardless of how it feels, what it looks like, or what others may say. Being a Faith Walker takes grit, FAITH, and an unwavering trust in God. Since I began my walk with Christ in 2015, I have chosen to trust God with everything! From moving to Washington D.C.  without a job, no money, and never missing a meal or a bill. To stepping away from active duty in the United States Army to pursue ministry. Oh, and the time I hosted a 3-day conference through my non-profit organization starting with $0. Trust me, it has not been easy at all, but what I can say is, GOD HAS YET TO FAIL ME, and I can confidently say that I am sure He never will. Now, God has instructed me to share this FAITH walk journey with you, and create a space where FAITH meets fashion.

Faith Walker apparel was created to allow us, Faith Walkers, an opportunity to boldly, fashionably, and unapologetically rep our FAITH! Faith Walker apparel is a constant reminder to walk by faith, and not by sight

(2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV). Faith Walker apparel is a fashionable statement that you will not back down from any adversity, heavy burdens, or just the turbulent ebbs and flows of life, but you will walk boldly in the confidence that you serve a God who can do anything but fail. 

To my fellow Faith Walkers, I am proud of you for choosing to walk by FAITH. For we know that through FAITH, relationships are restored. Through FAITH, chains are broken. Through FAITH, businesses are birthed. Through FAITH, bold prayers are spoken. And through FAITH, miracles happen! To those who do not identify as Faith Walkers YET, I pray you choose to trust God in a way you never have before! You can do it, and Faith Walker apparel is here to help! This is where FAITH meets fashion, and I am so excited to see you all ignite and rep your faith!